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Rodeo Shows can be so thrilling sometimes, especially when there is a legacy of horses. We are talking here about Hostage, a horse that has won every major rodeo including the National Finals and Rodeo Houston. She’s the great-grandmother of eleven babies. Even though she’s now retired, her legacy thrives on.

 Her family now is stealing the show at Rodeo Houston. And there is no doubt that they will carry out the legacy they inherited. And when you see the youngest one you feel sure that he will carry on this tradition. Some horses are born to run fast, some are meant to work with cutting precision but this family of athletes was born to challenge its riders. The announcer says, “It’s our responsibility and it’s our privilege to make sure that they’re cared for with respect and worth.”  He continued, “They love what they do and we love watching them do it.”  This family gives thrills when performing and it is always a pleasure, delight and happiness seeing them in the spotlight.

The big crowd that fills NRG Stadium for three weeks in March was treated to a hostage taking of sorts to open RODEOHOUSTON on Tuesday night. Cervi Championship Rodeo Company based near Greeley, Colorado is lead livestock contractor for the event and they are rightly proud of preserving the bloodline of a bucking horse known as "Hostage." She was presented, along with her entire family, to Houston by announcer Boyd PolhamusOur video footage is courtesy of FOX Sports Southwest and Rodeo Houston:

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