20 Interesting Friesian Horse Facts You Might Not Know


20 Interesting Facts About Friesian Horses You Probably Never Knew 1 – Friesian horses are named after their origination province 2 – It is an ancient breed 3 – Friesians have been in the United States since its colonial days 4 – Friesian horses are often black, but they have other coats as well 5 – Chestnut or Bay Friesians are called “Fire” horses 6 – Friesians traditionally pull their own unique carriage 7 – Only one white marking is allowed on a Friesian horse 8 – Friesian horses can be quite tall 9 – Friesian horses have feathers 10 – There are 4 genetic disorders which are known to affect Friesian horses 11 – Friesian horses are one of the breeds that is susceptible to PSSM 12 – A majority of Friesian mares retain their placenta after foaling 13 – The first studbook for Friesian horses included other breeds 14 – By 1900, there were only 3 available breeding stallions for the entire Friesian breed 15 – It would not be until 1943 when crossbreeding operations separated themselves completely from the Friesian studbook 16 – Friesian horses are still quite popular in The Netherlands 17 – Friesian horses may have been used as foundation stock for other breeds 18 – International Friesian horse associations have only been founded recently 19 – Coat color is not the only distinguishing characteristic of the Friesian horse 20 – Many popular movies have included Friesian horses because of their personalities


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