Simply Amazing And So Cute!

This video happens to be taken in Western Washington and that year a lot of snow fell because they rarely get such a lot of snow. Maybe, it is what Stenson exactly wanted to have such a fun time in the snow. That big boy knows how to have fun and snow is the best toy and also a soft refreshing experience.

 What is adorable and cute about horses is that they are so daft in a cute way and they also amaze us with what they can do. It looks like the first time I see deep snow like this. He seems to be in absolute heaven and it is so adorable when he pushes his face into the snow. He is one happy guy with a great personality and who is enjoying every bit of a second he is into the snow. Horses are intelligent animals and if you play and work with them then they will play and work for you, but you have to understand their mindset. It is an awesome relationship when it works together and what this owner is doing is letting him have his own fun. Watch this cute video!

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