When we talk about Arabians we all agree that they are so beautiful and really graceful. A family that owned a black Arabian horse one day decided to record her playing around in the family barn. And what you are going to watch is an amazing and lovely sight.

As you watch her trotting around in the barn you really thank God for creating these marvelous and amazing animals. If you concentrate on her legs you will see that she almost looks like she is gliding through the air. She seems so free and trots and dances as if she is a dancer, prancing around the whole arena with such elegance. Never have I seen such graceful movements before. Arabian horses are well known for their graceful nature and showmanship as well as for their finesse and elegance. They are one of the most recognizable horse breeds and one of the easiest to be noted, and they have been in existence for over four thousand years. Watch this fabulous Arabian dance as you have never seen a horse move like that!

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