Hopefully, she didn’t give up!

Rescuing a horse from a dangerous situation is an act of bravery. Thankfully there are many courageous people around that would do anything to save a horse. They are true horse lovers. In the following video, you are going to see a runaway horse on a highway. The horse broke free at a horse show and ran down a highway in Maryland. Caroline Shoults, a 16-year-old was getting ready to compete and as soon as she saw the horse ran away, she began to chase him.

The brave teen jumped on her horse, Tinkerbell, and chased the horse for about three miles. A group of women that were attending the horse competition jumped in their cars and trailed behind Caroline. They acted as a shield to keep the other cars away from the horse because he couldn’t have been easily spooked. Caroline even after chasing a horse for a long time never intended to give up and she was only focused to save the horse.

They finally caught him next to a field. One of the cars pulled in front of the horse and Caroline was able to rein her in. It was a nerve-wracking chase, but Caroline showed great bravery and courage. After the video went viral, Caroline got the recognition she deserved. Watch the video for more!


Caught on camera: Teen chases after runaway horse on busy highway

WATCH: When a horse broke loose during a competition, a 16-year-old equestrian bravely chased after the runaway steed down a busy highway

Posted by CBS News on Sunday, May 13, 2018

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