Watch what happens when an old man approaches the horse!

As the word chaos is used sarcastically in the title what happens during the horse jumping competition is not something we have never seen. Navona Gallegos is riding her horse, Vatricia, and is doing such a beautiful round up when something unexpected happens, the horse trips and Navona fall off.

The horse runs wild and free jumps a water obstacle backward. And all this happened because after the trip the horse got spooked because the bridle came off. Surely it is one of those things you have to move on from and try to do better the next time because the horse appears to be very competitive as he jumped a fence on his own. Besides this, real horsemanship is shown at the end when an old man approaches the horse to calm him down. Even though he can barely walk he shows rock solid calmness by absolutely saving the day. Watch and enjoy this video!

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