Something different and unique! ??

Although barrel racing is a very popular equine sport, it is rare to see draft horses barrel racing. This video was taken at the end of the annual draft horse show at the 2013 Georgia National Fair in Perry. It is one of the few draft horse shows in the country that offers the class. We all know that the USA is well-known for barrel racing and the horses are highly trained.

It is maybe the only country that offers this kind of sport but what is strange though is that draft horses are not done for this kind of sport, they do not practice barrel racing but there are always exceptions. America is the land of opportunities and draft horses are given an opportunity to barrel race. We are used to watching really fast and agile horses barrel racing and sometimes we see it as really scary because we think we can never go around barrels with that speed but when we see draft horses it sparks in our mind the thought of trying it at least once in our lifetime.

Every one of us probably wants to have a ride on those gentle, powerful big horses after watching the video. Even though they are big and are not fast enough they seem to enjoy every moment of the action. Watch and share with others.

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