What they did is simply amazing!

When Natasha Hance and her family moved their family to the countryside they began to adopt rescue animals. Natasha said, “We uprooted the kids from the neighborhood and schools. They grew up in for the last 14 years to chase a dream of country living with a lot of animals.”

After the moving in and adding 4 dogs. 7 goats, 5 ducks, and 17 chickens they began to think about also adopting a pony for Christmas. But, as they started to search auction sights, they learned many were to be killed if not sold and knew they had to take action. Natasha said, “We were immediately drawn to the pony.” The Hance family adopted a second pony, as a gift to their daughter who dreamed of owning a horse in the country. After surprising the kids, the family let the animals out to pasture for the first time. Natasha said, “We are definitely hoping we can rescue more. After seeing the relief on the horse’s face, I think we bring them as much joy as they brought us.” Watch the video and enjoy it!

Family Rescued Two Ponies

This family always dreamed of owning a horse in the country.

Posted by Life With Pets on Thursday, October 19, 2017

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