During a great trail ride at the Sandy Bottom stables they saw a foal and asked to pet it. The foal gets a little nervous and immediately mom comes running. What a bond between a mother and a child!

In fact, our insatiable need to touch everything we deem ‘cute’ might lead us to dangerous situations and no one knows how a mother can react when her child is believed to be under threat, especially a mare. This is a beautiful moment captured in video and the man is being so understanding with the momma and the baby. Those thundering hooves make you shiver but you end up loving the sound when momma and the baby get together and the foal follows her mother. Those people behaved really sensibly with the animals and it is nice that respect is given to the horses. That cute foal, he will come around eventually. The connection between them is just adorable. And lastly, you do not mess with mum, she is your number one protector.

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