Why should we always blame the horse!?

It often happens that a horse is mistreated even though we do not see it happening. Some are taken into a video and published on the internet to make us aware of the phenomenon taking place around the world, for which we cannot do much but only to denounce it through every means possible.

At the Equestrian Show Jumping competition held at Garrison Forrest School, a girl whacks her horse after falling off when the horse refused to jump a hurdle. As riders we all make mistakes but we try to make up for them and not to make a bigger one. Whacking the horse is something terrible and only an inhumane can do this act. She probably should be grateful and thankful to the horse for not hurting her because he could have done that. But horses love, protect and save their owners. That is why they are so great and majestic. Watch the video!

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