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Studies show that an estimate of 40,000 horses are slaughtered in Australia each year JUST for human consumption. This figure does not include the many whose lives are lost to abuse, starvation and the ones who meet their gruesome end in an abattoir to be processed into dogs’ meat. We need your help to establish a sanctuary for these beautiful animals, a place that enables us to rescue and care for the horses and donkeys that would otherwise meet a sad, painful and often frightening death. By donating to our project you can help us save the lives of many unwanted and abused horses and donkeys that are discarded daily like trash and sold only for the value of their meat to the nearest abattoir. We need other like minded supporters who will be the voices for the voiceless and help us establish our safe haven “Happy Hooves” Our first aim is to raise enough money to purchase a property that is already equipped with all the equine necessities so that we can start the rescue programs straight away. We would also need the funds to purchase a horse float that will enable us to transport horses that are surrendered by their owners or those we purchase from the abattoirs. Our second aim would be to raise enough money to maintain the property and to cover the ongoing vets bills and dietary requirements for each rescued horse or donkey. We envisage that the property purchased would be large enough for us to also establish a camping grounds where we could offer a farm stay holiday experience to the public. This would include visitors to the camp grounds being able to bring their own horses or ponies with them and us providing facilities to ride on the property. We would also look at allowing agistment opportunities to private horse owners at the property in an effort to offset some of the costs involved in taking care of the rescue horses and donkeys. To start our project, we would appreciate any and all donations whether big or small. Please be the voice for the voiceless and make a donation now to our “Happy Hooves” horse and donkey haven.


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