That’s why horses are unpredictable! ??

Strange things happen all the time, and nobody can explain why it happened. Sometimes there are reasons behind what happened and you can explain the causes. In the case you are about to see in this video what happened is truly unbelievable. In a stable full of horses, one horse decided to do something unexpected. He looked like was being led to his stable by a stable worker.

At one moment the stable worker stopped at a stall and got inside. The horse stood outside for a moment. Then he did something nobody expected without any reason. He got the door with his teeth and waved it back and forth. The door was loosened off the hinges and popped out of its frame. The stable workers tried to stop him, but he was on a mission. He had the door in his mouth and started running backwards through the stable.

The horse was knocking equipment down, shut doors down and almost hit another horse with the door. It might have been stuck in his harness, and he couldn’t do anything about it. That could have been one of the reasons he was so spooked. Nobody could explain why the horse did such a thing, but there are surely times when horses act on their own mind. Watch the video and share your opinions!

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