Horses are always there for us! ??

We have heard all kind of stories about horses doing amazing things and having such a strong bond with the owner that they become man’s best friend and nothing and no one can substitute that feeling. As long as they are treated with respect and shown sincere love they can do anything for you. Horses are really there for us when we need them and that shows how sensitive they are.

What you are going to watch in this video is a horse saving his owner. The horse did not think twice when he saw what was going on. He saw that his owner was in danger and he immediately went into action without taking into consideration his own safety. As you watch the video you will feel the tension of the situation and how emotional both the horse and the owner were during the rescue. When the horse saw that someone hit his owner with a whip he just could not stand it, he could not bear the hard feeling of seeing the owner being whipped.

He got out of the barn and ran towards the rescue of his owner from the one who was attacking. Seeing this, the attacker ran away as he was afraid of the horse. This is what unconditional love means and that is a proof of how clever horses are. They can even risk their own lives to save the ones they love and it is exactly this that makes us love these incredible creatures. Watch the video and share it with your friends!


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