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Almost every week – from Edmonton and Calgary airports in Alberta and the Winnipeg airport in Manitoba – unwanted horses are packed into crates and flown across the ocean. Where do they land? In Japan. As a matter of fact, Japan is the leading country in importing horse meat and this is done for the one only reason, to prepare a kind of specialty sushi called “basashi.” But this is not the only reason why these horses are imported from Japan. The oil that is harvested from the horses’ bodies is used in special beauty products.

 Last year, exports from Canada increased to 5,839 showing that there is great demand in those special sushi and beauty products. While horse slaughter is illegal in the U.S., American horses are constantly shipped north just to end to another slaughter place. Sometimes deaths occur while they are being transported to Japan but that does not count taking into consideration the profit they get. “There’s something very troubling that we export live animals to be slaughtered in another country where we have no idea of the regulations of slaughter is over there and no control over what happens to them,” Demianowicz said. “They have to endure hours and hours of transport without food, water or rest.” Do you think this is right? Leave your comments and share to see what others think, too.

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