Sometimes People Do Really Dumb Stuff!

As the title itself suggests, people sometimes are really stupid and risk their own lives as well as that of these gorgeous and amazing animals. A near-tragic event in Iceland was captured on video as some Icelandic horses and riders plunged into a lake as they were riding their horses on ice.

 As a horse lover, I find it really strange and careless on the riders’ part that all these riders would risk riding their horses on a frozen lake without checking how thick the ice is and I feel really sorry that those poor horses had to go through that ordeal. The fall is like a domino effect, they fell into the freezing water one after another. One of the riders says, “I was really shocked and especially the horses because they got into the freezing cold water.” Another one says, “At the same time I fell into the water I got cramps in my body. I felt so cold.” All the riders were trying to help their horses but thank God the iceman jumped in to save them showing a great act of courage. Watch the video for more!

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