Born To Be A Rider! 😮😮

We have usually seen children riding horses and they seemed really cute while on horseback. Maybe we took dangerous decisions by letting a child on horseback, riding alone but what you are going to watch will make you regret that you have not taught your child ride like this.

 A 7-year-old Korean boy rides a horse like a pro, having no fear at all, and what is more, he also jumps. It is just amazing how a boy his age, who would not have the properly developed muscle for that kind of riding, can even sit there and do that, whether or not the horse did everything. He looks like a mini professional up there. Of course, he does not have the same skill and seat as an adult simply because of his size, but he does incredibly well for being so tiny. What an awesome horse and a brave little boy! Watch the video for more!

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