Now, if someone says “you dance like a horse”, it is a great compliment…

There are all kinds of trainers out there in the world, some to be a good example for everybody and some others not to be taken into account.

Some of them really know what a horse is, what he feels, how acts and why he acts that way, what he wants and the most important thing why a horse needs to be loved and respected. One of them is Miron Bococi, a great freestyle horse trainer. The relationship Miron has with the horse is one of a kind, a relationship of mutual love and respect, a relationship where the feelings of the horse are of great importance, and the trust he shows is priceless. It is beautiful to watch this amazing man having such a bond with his animal and such trust and love. Now if someone says “You dance like a horse” it is a great compliment! Watch the video for more and enjoy it!

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