Well, try if you can! 😂😂

Horses really have a mind of their own and when their mind tells something they do not hesitate, they just do it. No one can ever force a horse to do what he or she wants it to do if it does not want and this is a clip that shows exactly this.

 Kim, a draft horse, does not seem to have any intention moving forward but just stays there even though the owner tries to pull him to make a move. Draft horses are really stocky and very strong and powerful and they also have such a character. You cannot make them do something and in this case, move them forward by pulling the halters as the halters might create uncomfortable pressure and so the horse will not respond. But you will like the way she flaps her lips at her owner when he tells her to go. It is like she is sticking her tongue out. Kim is so beautiful but sometimes she can be so stubborn and even when she is like this she is still gorgeous. Watch the video!

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