Watch this amazing transformation!

Clark County Animal Protection & Control and volunteers with the Adopt-A-Horse program rescued five neglected horses. The operation was recorded on video as they were doing an impound on some horses and all this happened because the owner was not anymore able to support the horses with food and care as his life had gone away.

Paul Scarpelli, Manager, Clark County Animal Protection & Control says, “A complaint came in about ten days ago. We made contact but it takes you four to five days to hustle up enough volunteers to pull something significant like this together.” The horses were emaciated and lacked the basic needs as they were not fed but just what they themselves found around, they did not have the vet care, their feet were not trimmed, they just went along feeding on whatever they could find. Nevertheless, now, after they have been rescued, they seem to do so well. Watch the video for more!

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