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Over the weekend, a video of a collapsed calèche horse in Montreal, Canada, went viral, showing the world that the popular tourist attraction comes at a cost. The short clip, posted to Facebook by Diane Villeneuve, shows a horse lying unresponsive on the pavement as crowds in Old Montreal, a popular tourist destination in the city, look on.

Villeneuve was walking with a friend near the Notre-Dame Basilica on Monday when she saw the horse, attached to a carriage, fall to the ground. “I saw the two front legs of the horse bend and she hit the ground headfirst. The owner jumped out to help his horse, but the horse was unresponsive. No movement at all.” Villeneuve said. Two other men arrived to aid the calèche driver with his efforts. When Villeneuve couldn’t stand it any longer, she called the police. “After five minutes of this pulling and yelling, I decided to call 911. This horse was in bad shape. Honestly, I thought she would never get up,” Villeneuve said. While he waited for the police to arrive he took out his smartphone and started filming. The horse had been unconscious for about ten minutes when the police arrived on the scene. “The police arrived at the same moment that the horse finally got up,” Villeneuve said. “They told me there was nothing they could do except give an escort to the stable and make sure the horse would not work anymore that day.” This is not an isolated incident but happens daily. Watch and share to raise consciousness!

Posted by Didi Newtown on Monday, September 4, 2017

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