Just so you know! ??

As riders and horse lovers, we might have heard quite a lot the question ‘Why are you so obsessed with riding and horses? I see them and they do not make any impression me. I just do not get it.’ and we all know it is an inexplicable feeling inside us that bonds us so closely with these majestic creatures.

Since I was a child, every time I saw a horse running and charging across a field or simply in movies I was so thrilled I wanted to try it myself, I really wanted it deep in my heart. And now I come to understand that the passion for these amazing animals is not learned, it is not injected in you but we are born with it, it is inside us from the moment we come to life.

As we grow up we realize that they have needs as much as people do and we start acting compassionately such as gather freshly cut hay for them, lead them to the stalls and we do not stop giving our equine partners hugs, kisses and muzzles. We do not care about the smell, we just want them to be fine.

We try to find the best vets for them as if they were people and if they were our children for whom we always care and do not want anything happening to them. Our horses are not just animals, they are part of the family, they are our therapists, our wings and our best friends.

And when you lose your horse it is like you lose a beloved one, you lose a piece of your heart. Horses have been, are and will be the most magnificent creatures on earth.


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