Police Officer Abusing His Horse Or Not? Video Below!

In the video footage beneath this text you’ll have a chance to see an officer riding a horse and using a bit. This has happened outside the Rogers Centre in Toronto and has been filmed by a guy who was just passing by.

The horse was also shod and we must say that the animal has been in pain, because bits and shoes can be very painfulfor the horses. This guy seems to know a lot about horses, so he confronted that officer when he realized that the horse has been abused. He only worried about that horse’s health.

He started to film the scene right away, while telling the police officer that what he does is horse abuse. He also pointed out that the officer should not do that to the horse in public place, because you never know how the horse is going to react.

This animals are very sensitive, as the man said, and doing this to them in a crowded place can put other people’s life in danger. Horses can easily spook when treated like that, so according to him, this has been a serious issue. Although this citizen confronted the police officer and used rough language, the officer stayed calm, showing respect and understanding.


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