Such a sad reality…They are so gorgeous creatures.

This is a rare footage of draft horses taken to Japan for the only purpose of being slaughtered. The first impression you get is that it may look like a breed demonstration but in fact is totally the contrary.

These horses are getting off the truck and going directly to a slaughterhouse. It such a sad reality that we see every day and cannot do anything about it but just to raise awareness with the hope of acting later on. We see and consider horses as pets and companions, sometimes as best friends who are always there for us and when we see such actions it breaks our hearts.

These horses just go from one cage to another and it just makes you think that these people are not giving these magical creatures something so beautiful such as freedom. We are so sorry to have to publish this video but we consider it necessary and we see it as a duty to do something for these poor animals. It is so sad and shameful when we think that horses give it all of themselves to please man their whole lives and then end up on a plate. Share this video and raise awareness!


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Posted by Ranchero Conocido on Sunday, December 3, 2017


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