Great sense of humor!

Tristan Tucker is a man of many talents but his alter ego Brett Kidding has some work to do. What you are going to watch in the video is actually our inner monologue while we are riding and this is the funniest thing I have ever seen. When people say that dressage riders do not have a sense of humor they are totally wrong as the video will prove you otherwise.

We are pretty sure the video will make your day and we fully believe that even the horse was on the joke. Horses should be trained in such a way that they not only love their riders but look forward to the time they are with them and this couple makes this phrase have meaning. The rider is a professional one and the horse is surely patient and truly awesome as it ‘takes the piss out’ of dressage riding and it is all in fun.

The stunning horse surely knows how to make a show and win the cheers of the crowd but unfortunately, it reminds us of a time when we looked the same, only with more flopping around in the saddle added to it. This is so beautifully realized by the brilliant Tristan Tucker and his truly fabulous and talented horse whom we really admire and love. It is one of the cases in which I have laughed so damn hard in all my life. Watch and enjoy the video!



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