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There are all kinds of people out there in the world that we do not know and the cases of abused horses are not rare. We might hear about them and we also might watch some of them when horses are rescued and videos go viral.

 But to be a serial horse abuser one has to be without a heart and without any feelings, completely insensitive. Conrad Ryder-Large from West Sussex neglected horses in his care and received a three month suspended jail term. Ryder-Large has also been banned for life from keeping equines because all the horses in his care either died or suffered terribly. What is shown in the video could hardly be called a field as it is full of rubbish, dirty water and no field shelter acceptable conditions for a horse? Those horses weren’t thin, they were fat and one was laminitic on all four feet and the dead stallion’s body would be contaminating the soil as it decomposed. Watch the video for more and share to raise awareness!

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