That’s why you should never give up!

When we want something really bad and we focus on getting it, our way to that becomes easier. A soldier, named Frederick Win, who was born without a partial leg made it just because he wanted it so bad and he really did win. Win started riding when he was six and as soon as he was financially able to afford a horse he bought one and since then he has ridden every day. He started competing in Dressage and participated in FEI Dressage.

In 2013, AQHA invited Win to ride at the World Championship Show to demonstrate Para Reining. “I thought it would be boring,” remembers Win. Reiners are so small and I wasn’t used to that.” But after trying that he consider it to give riders happiness and thrills as he says, “Of all the events I’ve done, Reining is my pick.

I get to have a connection with my horse and the crowd.” He grew up in a military family and he took part and won the Freestyle Reining Championship he just said, “I could never wear the uniform myself, but I wanted to bring attention to the men and women who fought and continue to fight for our freedom. I never knew that I’d win. I thought I would have a good ride and people might like it. I was shocked when I had a standing ovation.” I really love the performance because reining is hard enough with two good legs. This brought tears in my eyes and this is a really great moment in time. Watch the video!


USA rocks! All AMERICAN Quarter Horse Congress freestyle reining! Frederick Win and he really did win??

Posted by Laura Ann Bracken on Saturday, October 15, 2016


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