I feel so sorry for the horse but the rider really deserves it!

This took place on Friday night, October 7, 2016, in the Amateur Specialty Gelding Class at “Big Lick” North Carolina Championship Horse Show being held at the Western NC Agricultural Center in Asheville, North Carolina.

During the show, one of the Tennessee walking horses threw his rider on the ground and the big question is ‘What caused this “Big Lick” Tennessee walking horse to throw his rider?’ According to some of the spectators this is pure cruelty and abuse. A horses’ legs and hooves are not designed nor meant to withstand that forced deformity. Horrific methods are used to force train these Big Lick show horses. Stacks and chains and soring need to be outlawed completely. The people that own, train and ride these poor horses have been brainwashed and they are delusional to think this is acceptable, to force horses to move in this spastic, ugly, unnatural movement. The horse could not bear the pain anymore so he reacted that way. This was the overall opinion of the most of the spectators. Watch the video!

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