This is hard to watch! 😡😡

What you are going to watch in this video is how desperate all circus animals are, how they lack protection and the regulation has failed to provide care for these animals.

 As we know circuses are movable and the temporary accommodation of the animals inevitable compromises the welfare of the animals. But a new investigation from Animal Defenders International (ADI) reveals that life is just as miserable for circus animals when they are not touring. This is what happens at Peter Jolly’s Circus even though this site has been in operation for decades. The footage was taken by using hidden cameras and what the images show is that this place does not provide appropriate facilities for the animals and sometimes there is not even enough space for horses to lie down. Below are some of the evidence that was filmed such as: appalling overcrowding, fighting between animals, a worker spitting in the face of and tormenting a camel, ponies tangled in short tethers etc. Watch the shocking video and share to raise awareness! We also like to hear your comments!

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