Do you remember this scene?

Horses are present in movies, shows, races, advertisements and also in animated cartoons. The power of loving and respecting a horse can be present only to those with a good heart and is attributed to those who are able to love unconditionally.

If you show love and you mean it, the person and even the animal can feel it. This is what happens in a scene between Rapunzel and Maximus in Tangled. The horse seems to be furious and wants to attack no matter what but the kindhearted Rapunzel stops him only by speaking softly and showing love to him. Maybe Maximus stopped when he looked in Rapunzel’s eyes because she has the queen’s eyes but whatever the reason Rapunzel did a great job in calming him down. How did she make this? Love and respect for the horse. We all have something to love from this scene. Watch the video for more and please share it with your friends on Facebook.

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