That’s the real power of an Icelandic horse…

The Icelandic horse can achieve the famous fifth gait, the flying pace, at high speeds while still offering a very smooth ride. In this clip, we watch expert horseman Viggo Siggurdsson ride his championship Icelandic horse on a volcanic, black-sand beach.

 With the flying pace, the Icelandic horse’s legs on each side move in unison, creating a distinctive moment of suspension. And don’t think this is easily achieved, it takes an experienced rider, especially in an environment like this one. It is really an awesome video and for those that do not know a flying pace is when the horse moves both legs on the same side of the body at the same time, and both feet touch the ground completely in synchronization in a very fast way. This happens from 0:56 to 1:10 in this video and it is really crazy. Not all can achieve this. You have to be very experienced and put all your trust to the horse. Watch this amazing video!

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