We made the impossible, possible♡


3 years what? Wow time flies…I just hope this video sums up these 3 beautiful, hard working years! Im just so glad I never gave up, not only in me, but especially not him. And now, hes my everything, I can’t live without him nor wished for any other horse! He’s my dream horse, a journey I can now truly live, and I could never wished for anything else. And of course he can still be such a bastard, but this is nothing from what he used to be, and his imperfections makes him complete♡ Especially a huge thanks to Nativehorse and Dancinghorses, and many other account out there for keeping my motivation up, and for truly inspiring people! We need more people like you, because if it wasn’t for all of you out there, I would never, ever been where I am today- both mentally and physically♡


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