Woman Checks into Super 8 Motel with Retired Racehorse in Tow

When a hotel has a pet-friendly policy, you take full advantage.

Lindsey Partridge from Ontario, Canada was traveling with her retired racehorse named Blizz (formerly known as Here Comes Adri) on the way to compete in the Retired Racehorse Project’s Thoroughbred Makeover. It was time to hit the hay after miles on the road, and she pulled her truck and horse trailer into the parking lot of a Super 8. She was ready to check in, and she had an idea of how to show the public that retired racehorses, who usually have a reputation for being difficult to handle, can be polite and well-behaved

She said the person in front of her in line was staying at the motel with a dog, and she decided to jokingly ask the receptionist if their pet policy applied to horses. She wasn’t expecting a real answer, but the receptionist was more than happy to play along. Partridge went outside and brought in Blizz.

The horse and his owner went through the check-in process before heading to their assigned room. Blizz was treated to his first opportunity to watch TV, and he settled into the motel room for a quick photo-op.


Fotografia e Lindsey PartridgeOnce Partridge made her point that Blizz was calm and polite in a public setting, she ended the ruse and dropped Blizz and her other two horses off at a nearby horse park. They spent the night in more appropriate accommodations, but Partridge’s post on Facebook soon caught the Internet’s attention.

Partridge adopted Blizz in November, and he’s been a prime example of her belief that positive training is an important part of owning a horse. She told the Lexington Herald Leader,

“It’s all about getting a calm connection first. If you have a calm connection, you can take your horse anywhere.”

Fotografia e Harmony Horsemanship - Lindsey Partridge


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