When the rider wrapped her arms around her horse’s neck I almost lost it!

The Working Equitation discipline is intended to promote competition between traditional styles of riding used during field work in various countries, and also to act as a showcase for traditional riding costumes and equipment.

Working Equitation became a competitive sport in 1996 along with its first European championship being held in Italy the same year. Working Equitation is recognised as a sport in many countries, mostly in South America and Europe, all countries have their own governing body of the sport. The sport tests the horse and rider’s partnership and ability to manoeuvre obstacles. There are four different levels of Working Equitation: Novice, Intermediate, Junior and Advanced. At an advanced level, the rider must ride with just one hand, most commonly their left hand, on the reins.

It really looks like fun. Both the audience and the rider enjoy themselves but it is a real excitement watching it live. The dressage, trail, reining, pole bending, everything is special! You just love it! You don’t know the feeling that you get but only when you ride it. It’s amazing how the horse moves through the field and how he acts on every direction given to him. The speed, the obedience, the will, all shown there, tell us that there was a really great work done back home. It’s amazing also the relationship between the rider and the horse. They seem to get along and understand each other very well, a special bond only between two lovers.

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